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Jiangbeizui Financial Center

Updated: 2014-01-07

Jiangbeizui Central Business District is an important part of Liangjiang New Area, and covers an area of 50,000 square kilometers. The Central Business District (CBD) boasts a corporate headquarters-based economy and aims to attract various financial institutions. In addition, the management aims to transform it into a central financial center in the upper reaches of Yangtze River within five years.

Jiangbeizui Financial Center

The China Academy of Urban Planning and Design planned the Jiangbeizui central area through international bidding, and the blueprint concerns an urban structure of "two cities, one axis and five areas". The "two cities" refers to the city's past and to its future; "one axis" refers to a principal axis of landscape around two rivers. The "five areas" are: the business area, comprehensive service area, "mixed" area, recreational area and residential area.

The area boasts three main features: The first concerns combining the city's traditions and modernity with harmonious juxtaposition of modern architecture and historic sites. The second refers to three landmark buildings over 300m which form a row, together with other nearby buildings. The third main feature refers to the intensive and efficient land use, and also involves large areas of green landscape, with the total area of three open parks reaching about 73.33 hectares.

Jiangbeizui Group launched the construction and aims to complete the construction of the Jiangbeizui financial central area by 2015, creating a "distinctive financial area in inland China". Construction of the Agricultural Bank of China Building, Bank of China Building, Chongqing Bank Building, Chongqing Rural Commercial Building, Southwest Securities and other financial office buildings has already started, involving an area under construction of 4.2m square meters, about two thirds of the total area for development in the central area. Construction of about 2m square meters have been completed or are in roof-topping stage, including the financial center in the financial street and about 35 buildings have been built. In addition, Huaxia Bank, PICC Life Insurance and other financial institutions have been completed, and over 30 enterprises, including Chongqing Banking Regulatory Bureau, Bank of Communications and Ancheng Insurance have signed contracts. Jiangbeizui has thus started its role of financial central area.



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