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Yufu Industrial Park

Updated: 2014-01-07

Yufu Industrial Park was established on June 29, 2010 and is the most important shipping-railway transport base and port logistics collecting and distributing center in west China. It is also the major area for some bonded functions transferred from Cuntan port and it serves to showcase the industrial development of Liangjiang New Area. Yufu Industrial Park, with a planning area of 67 square kilometers, including Yuzui town, Fusheng town and some areas of Guojiatuo Street, and it aims to realize a "3 plus 1" industrial system of automotive, rail transportation, equipment manufacturing and logistics,. It also aims to become an important industrial base of automobile manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, shipping-railway transport in west China and the center of the three cities of Yuzui, Fusheng and Guojiatuo as early as possible - and to showcase the industrial development of Liangjiang New Area. Yufu will also aim to achieve a total industrial logistics output value of 500 billion yuan by 2020.

"Automobile manufacturing base" refers to Liangjiang International Automobile City, which focuses on manufacturing mini-cars, supplemented with high-end cars manufacturing. This base focuses on new-energy vehicles and aims to create the world's largest mini-cars manufacturing base as well as the largest passenger car manufacturing base in west China. It also aims for a capability of up to 2.2 million automobiles, 3 million engines and series of auto parts.

Yufu Industrial Park

"Equipment manufacturing base" refers to the industrial park of rail transport and power generation facilities. The rail transport industrial park focuses on the development of Changchun Railway Vehicle Company, and is creating three major platforms - manufacturing, assembly and maintenance for light metro, intercity trains and CRH trains. The power-generation facilities industrial park relies on the ports and railways to form a large equipment manufacturing base dominated by power generation facilities and other weight equipments.

"Shipping-railway transport base" refers to the shipping-railway logistics industrial park, which involves the Guoyuan Port and Fusheng high-speed rail hub, and logistics firms like Jiamin, Anbo, Meilian, and Minsheng.

"Three centers" refers to Guojiatuo "postmodern ecological development center", Yuzui multifunctional service center and Fusheng new city center, which will help create a new functional town with natural resources, complete supporting facilities and space for development. The park consists of Guojiatuo, Yuzui, Fusheng and some parts in Jiangbei District, with a planned construction area of 67 square kilometers. It aims to establish Liangjiang International Automobile City, Rail Transport Industrial Park, Portside Weight Equipment Industrial Park and modern logistics industry.

Yufu Industrial Park - located in the east of Jiangbei District - is a joint venture of Liangjiang New Area and Jiangbei District, and is located is 22 kilometers from downtown Chongqing, 10 kilometers from Cuntan Bonded Port and 15 kilometers from Jiangbei Airport. In addition, the Yangtze River, three high-speed railway lines - Chongqing-Huaihua, Chongqing-Lichuan and South-East loop line - three expressways - Chongqing-Yibin, Inner Ring of Liangjiang and Ring line - three light tracks - Line No 4, No 7 and No 8 - will form a well-developed and convenient transportation network.

Over the past three years, Yufu Industrial Park launched "three campaigns" - concerning land acquisition, land flattening and grounding - changing the landscape of the park for large-scale development, large-scale construction and to attract large-scale investment.

Among the three industrial parks, Yufu Industrial Park achieved the maximum number of projects, attracted the most investment, and reached the highest total industrial output, the highest total tax revenue and the highest land coverage rate. Until the end of June, Yufu Industrial Park attracted a cumulative investment of 42.222 billion yuan (including US$262 million of foreign investment) and 225 projects. In 2012, the park realized a total industrial output value of 14.1 billion yuan, business sales of 12.6 billion yuan and drew 1 billion yuan in revenue from taxes.



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