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To accelerate a new-generation electronic information industry cluster

Updated: 2014-01-07

Liangjiang New Area will accelerate the development of a new-generation electronic information industry cluster to build the largest laptop base in Asia and the largest base of intelligent appliances in western China.

To accelerate a new-generation electronic information industry cluster

It plans to strengthen its intelligent terminal industry chain, promote laptops, tablet PCs and other thin, portable and low-power intelligent terminals towards large-scale production, and accelerate the localization of storage, printed circuit boards and other core laptop components. It will strive to develop smart TV, intelligent household systems, networked refrigerators and other intelligent, networked and digital appliances, and actively push forward the terminal communication equipment.

The Liangjiang New Area will also expand the LED industry chain, and promote the manufacturing and packaging of substrates, epitaxial wafers and chips, as well as manufacturing of related application products. It plans to cultivate the industry chain for new semiconductor display devices by concentrating on promoting the R&D and manufacturing of liquid crystal display (LCD), touch screen, electronic paper display, 3D display and other products, and form the matching upstream and downstream chains covering critical materials, driver IC, backlight, module and inspection services.

The Liangjiang New Area will also build a lithium battery industry chain, develop lithium-ion battery cathode/anode and other core functional materials and expand the R&D and manufacturing of electrolyte, diaphragms and other products, to form a chain for the entire industry. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the total investment in this industry has reached 120 billion yuan, resulting in an annual production of 30 million sets of intelligent terminals, and the electronic information industry cluster has achieved an output value of 250 billion yuan, accounting for up to 1/4 of the city's total output.


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