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Updated: 2014-02-22

Chongqing Port Logistics Group Co.,Ltd. (the Group) is a key state-owned port logistics firm - under municipal ownership by Chongqing municipal committee of Communist Party of China and Chongqing municipal government. By strategic reorganization, Chongqing Port Group, Chongqing Materials Group, Wanzhou Port group and Fuling Port Authority established a comprehensive transportation hub in the upper reaches of Yangtze River in 2006, in order to accelerate the development of the modern logistics industry in Chongqing and build a shipping center in the upper reaches of Yangtze River.

The Group's primary businesses concern port services, shipping, integrated logistics and their extended services. The company - with the only national first-class port in the waterway in southwestern China - is the largest enterprise operating major hub ports of inland rivers and container-handling in ports in western China and the only Class-5A enterprise engaged in modern integrated logistics services in Chongqing. At the end of 2010, the Group had total assets of 9.7billion yuan and 34 subordinate enterprises, including the Group-controlling in Chongqing Gangjiu Co., Ltd - the first listed enterprise engaged in inland river ports of Yangtze River - and Chongqing Gangsheng Shipping Co., Ltd, the shipping enterprise with the largest integrated transport capacity in the upper reaches of Yangtze River, and Cuntan Port Area, to which it is affiliated, and which is the "water port" of China's first inland bonded port.

The Group has 181 quay berths for various production purposes, including four transfer ports for railway-waterway coordinated transportation. It also has a designed annual throughput for cargo shipping of the ports amounting to 26.67 million tons; a designed annual container throughput of 1.135 million TEU; a designed annual roll-roll shipment throughput of commercial vehicles of 300,000 units; a designed annual carrying capacity of heavy roller amounts of 60,000 rollers, 250,000 tons of ships' self-owned capacity in trunk line of Yangtze River and 28.5 km of special railway for up to 645 of vehicle marshalling.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period (2011 to 2015), the Group is focused on the new positioning set by the municipal government to build five new platforms: platforms of shoreline and pier resource elements, shipping element resources, integrated logistics, network management and strategic allied operation. Meanwhile, the Group aims to develop three new sectors: port-shipping transfer logistics sector, aggregation logistics sector and integrated five sectors, to create five new processes: logistics, informatization, alliance, intensification and integration, and to implement three new strategies: business-refocusing strategy, sector-coordination strategy and shore integration strategy.

It is also investing eight billion yuan to strengthen the infrastructure construction in key ports - including Guoyuan, Cuntan and Huanglian - accelerates the switch from the traditional transshipment business model to the all-process logistics operating mode, and focuses on improving its control, influence and driving forces in the logistics industry in the western area. It is also actively building a modern integrated logistics flagship enterprise in western China, which will become an important support of the commercial center, logistics center, shipping center, port industry and bonded area in Chongqing.


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