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Reignwood Aviation Group to settle in the Liangjiang New Area

Updated: 2014-05-20

According to the CCISF Organizing Committee, with the rapid development of the general aviation industry of Chongqing, the pace of industrial agglomeration effects will accelerate further. The large international Reignwood Group was established by the renowned Thai-Chinese Dr. Yan Bin. During the CCISF, the subordinate aviation group under Reignwood Group will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Liangjiang aviation investment group.

Reignwood Aviation Group to settle in the Liangjiang New Area
Aerobatic Flight at the European Global Aviation Carnival

They intend to invest one billion yuan ($ 0.61) in the Liangjiang aviation industrial park so as to establish a Reignwood Aviation Group presence there, including an aircraft hangar, an aviation experience exhibition hall, a Red Bull aviation culture center, an airlines headquarter base, an aircraft sales center, an FBO (fixed-base operation), maintenance enterprises and integrated logistics service base, with the aim of making a modern air service program. This program will drive direct investment of 2.5 billion yuan and a long-term investment of 15 billion yuan in upstream and downstream industries.

Based on their mutual cooperation plan, the first tentatively-named "Chongqing Flight Carnival Activities" will be held in the second half of this year. Through the introduction of the Global Aviation Carnival of Europe, it will convey the concept of vigorously developing general aviation and an aviation culture industry in Chongqing so as to stimulate people's enthusiasm for aviation, release the Chinese thousand-year-dream of flying freely in the sky and make aviation a major part of everyday life. Furthermore, an aerobatic flight performance will be presented to the people of Chongqing and its surrounding provinces and cities, enriching people's cultural lives, recommending the aviation industry and tourism in Chongqing and showing off the unique charm of Chongqing with its beautiful landscape, striving to make it another shining example in the aviation field of Chongqing and even of China.

Reignwood Aviation Group to settle in the Liangjiang New Area

Reignwood Group's live-action experience and aviation cultural center in Austria

In addition, both sides will promote their cooperation in park construction, general aviation manufacturing, airport construction and so on.

Reignwood Group, with global total assets in excess of 50 billion euro, is a large multinational group with international influence, integrating nine major industries into one, including fast moving consumer foods (functional beverages), modern service industries, cultural sports industries, green industry, real estate industry, aviation, mineral products and energy as well as financial industry. In December, 2013, at the invitation of the mayor Huang Qifan, Yan Bin visited Chongqing and put forward a strategic vision of strengthening mutual cooperation in general aviation areas. After a six months "honeymoon period", a "package" of cooperation programs will ultimately come into being with the stimulation of the CCISF.



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