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2014 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit to be hosted in Chongqing

Updated: 2014-08-14

The China Enterprise Confederation and Chongqing municipal government jointly held a press conference in Beijing on August 6, announcing that the 2014 China Top 500 Enterprises Summit would be held in Chongqing from September 2 - 3.

Back in 2004, Chongqing Municipality had been selected as the host city for the summit as the first city to do so outside Beijing. 10 years later, Chongqing is once again welcoming the event.

China's Top 500 Enterprises Summit is an annual gathering in the industry. This year's session is themed "new engines and new prospects: reform and development of large enterprises in the context of changing global economy".

Wang Jiming, vice president of the China Enterprise Confederation said at the press conference that China is experiencing the growing pains of restructuring and is at a turning point of upgrading its growth rate. It's also at an important stage of a new round of reforms. Currently, the international situation is complex, and the global economic pattern is undergoing profound adjustments. The international competition is getting fiercer. What's the future of China's large enterprises? How to adapt to changes and take the initiative in development? Those questions will be explored further during the summit.

The summit features keynote speeches, parallel sessions, symposia, and city investment promotions. Parallel sessions will concentrate on benchmarking world-class enterprises, moving to high-end manufacturing, cross-border mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises, corporate sustainability, corporate international operations and management, Internet thinking and industry innovation, and governance capability and the international competitiveness of large enterprises.

The summit has invited Lin Yifu, honorary president of the National Development and Research Institute of Peking University to deliver a speech on the prospects for China's economy; Donald Johnston, former Secretary-General of OECD, will deliver a speech on new trends of global corporate governance; and Peter Bakker, CEO and president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development has been asked to deliver a speech on new trends of corporate sustainable development.

Xu Lejiang, president of Bao Steel; Lin Zuoming, president of AVIC; Chang Xiaobing, president of China Unicom; Song Zhiping, president of CNBM; and other famous entrepreneurs will co-chair the summit, and deliver speeches at the conference.

In addition, the China Enterprise Confederation will continue to release lists of the 2014 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, China's Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises, China's Top 500 Services Enterprises, and China's Top 100 Multinational Enterprises. It will also release "Trends, questions and suggestions of Chinese large enterprise development", "2014 Development report on China top 500 enterprises", "2014 Comparative analysis report on China top 500 enterprises with the top 500 American enterprises, and the world's top 500 enterprises", "2014 Development report on China top 100 multinationals” and other research reports.

Zhang Zhikui, deputy Secretary-General of Chongqing municipal government, attended the press conference and said that A "6 + 1" industrial system there covering the areas of electronics, automobiles, equipment, chemicals, materials, energy and consumer goods has been formed in Chongqing and entered an innovation-driven development stage.

It is reported that two thirds of China's top 500 enterprises have investments in Chongqing. which has selected 55 investment projects and will further strengthen cooperation with investors during the summit.

By Huang Pei

Edited by Brian Salter



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