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Liangjiang's logistics industry develops rapidly

Updated: 2015-01-16

By Ge Jieru,

As a hub port of the Silk Road Economic Belt and Yangtze River Economic Belt, Chongqing Guoyuan Port welcomes its strong development momentum.

According to Chongqing Guoyuan Port, two new container handling cranes are being installed in the port and are expected to be put into operation before the Chinese New Year. The new cranes will help ensure the smooth operations of the port.

Liangjiang's logistics industry develops rapidly
The container cranes are being installed in Guoyuan port.

The installation of container cranes is a part of Guoyuan port's infrastructure. In 2015, Guoyuan port will increase the number of handling equipment. The number of infield container cranes will reach 16 by then. Also, the total number of quayside container cranes will reach three, while the total amount of equipment will be increased by almost three times. The increase of equipment will largely improve the port’s loading and uploading efficiency.

At present, Guoyuan port has constructed six container berths with a capacity of 6 tons. Also, the berths have a traffic capacity of 1.2 million TEU containers.

Guoyuan port has employed the information system management method, realizing the modularization and structuring of business operations.

"The installation of new equipment will improve the efficiency of the port. Next, Guoyuan port will put its focus on developing rail-water intermodal transportation. The development of rail-water intermodal transportation will help shunt the containers from Shanghai port and some other ports around Chongqing," said Fangliang, commercial manager from Chongqing Guoyuan Container Co.

By the end of March, the Guoyuan port special railway line will be put into operation. At that point, Guoyuan port will enter the Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Rail transportation system, becoming an important point of Chongqing's comprehensive transportation hub.

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