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Changan's first electric car EADO EV set to hit the road

Updated: 2015-03-18

By Tan Yingzi, China Daily

Changan's first electric car EADO EV set to hit the road

The EADO EV.[Photos provided to China Daily]

"It's a product totally based on the needs of our customers," he added.

The car is targeted towards government and corporate clients, taxi companies and private users, Ren said.

The EADO EV costs about 0.08 yuan per km to run, which is 85 percent less than traditional cars, according to the company.

"If you drive 20,000 km a year, you can save about 10,000 yuan," Ren said.

The car can be recharged at power stations for half an hour slots or at home and garage charging spots for up to eight hours. In emergencies the post-sale service center will send a road assistance van to recharge the vehicle, the general manager added.

A smart portal Incall 3.0 system allows the company to monitor car conditions and provide tailor-made maintenance plans.

"The repair costs for our electric car can be 70 percent lower than traditional cars," Ren said.

According to its new-energy car plan, in next decade, Changan will focus on electric vehicles while developing a plug-in hybrid electric car.


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