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Chongqing Financial Center completes four towers

Updated: 2016-01-22

By Wang Yifei,

Construction has finished on the four towers T2, T3, T5, and T6 of the Chongqing International Center. Of these, T2 and T3 have opened for use.

The project is expected to finish by the second half of the year. The shopping center is expected to begin operations in 2017.

Chongqing Financial Center completes four towers

An artist’s sketch of Chongqing International Financial Center [Photo provided by Jiulongcang Group]

The Chongqing International Financial Center is located at the center of the Jiangbeizui Financial Core Area in Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area. It is composed of five towers, a large shopping mall and one parking garage. The total area is 660,000 square meters.

As a business complex boasting office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and recreational facilities, the financial center is expected to be one of the three landmarks in Chongqing together with the Oriental International Plaza and the Chongqing Theatre.

The financial center began construction in 2010, and is expected to hold an IMAX cinema, an international luxury brand hotel, a bowling alley and restaurants of both western and Chinese style.

The Jiangbeizui district as a whole will have areas of four types. First, professional shopping malls or shopping centers, such as the Oriental International Plaza, Chongqing International Financial Center and Global Plaza; second, special avenues such as the Sandongqiao Folk Culture Street; third, office building complexes; and fourth, ancillary facilities for the other neighborhoods.

As a national strategic financial center in southwest China, Jiangbeizui of Liangjiang New Area has seen accelerated development in recent years. By June 2015, over 412 companies had settled in Jiangbeizui’s CBD.



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