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Smart dustbins serve people of Chongqing

Updated: 2016-08-31

By Sun Hui,

Twenty solar-powered smart dustbins can be found in the central area of the Jiangbeizui district, Chongqing, overturning the traditional concept of the dustbin, according to on Aug 29.

The solar-powered dustbins are able to work uninterrupted with a large solar energy charging panel on the top of each dustbin. Each of them has a built-in 20AH lead-acid storage battery, which can provide at least three days of operation fully-charged.

There is a sensor inside each dustbin to monitor trash volumes and continuously update information to the online urban management information center. The dustbin will automatically send a reminder message to sanitation workers to empty the dustbin when trash capacity reaches 80 percent.

Bottles, paper, and household trash, have dedicated compartments in the dustbins, along with special compartments for old telephones, old batteries, and phone chargers. Also, a panel is available on the top of the bin to extinguish cigarettes, helping to prevent dustbin fires.

The dustbins are also expected to provide WiFi hotspots for anyone within 10 meters of them, from September.

Smart dustbins serve people of Chongqing
A smart dustbin on a Chongqing road. [Photo/]


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