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Stop 2: Changshou North Station

Updated: 2016-12-01

By Sun Hui,

Changshou district lies 80 kilometers away from the city of Yuzhou in Chongqing municipality and has a history spanning thousands of years.

Changshou means “longevity” in English and the district is famous for its culture of “blessing and longevity”.

Local famous attractions include Changshou Ancient Town, Puti Mountain and Tiantai Temple. The district’s ancient town hosts frequent festivals and spectacular cultural performances. Notable festivals include the Changshou Grapefruit Festival in November and the Christmas Carnival and New Year’s Gala in December.

Stop 2: Changshou North Station

Changshou Ancient Town, at the heart of Changshou district, attracts a constant stream of visitors from all over the world. [Photo/]

Stop 2: Changshou North Station

Perched atop a cliff, Tiantai Temple is a prominent Buddhist sanctuary in the area. [Photo/provided to]

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