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Stop 3: Changshou Lake Station

Updated: 2016-12-02

By Sun Hui,

Changshou Lake, a national 4A-rated tourism resort and the largest artificial lake in Southwest China, lies nine kilometers away from the Chongqing’s Changshou Lake Station and contains some 200 islands.

Within the lake is a wildlife preserve zone, which is home to 42 kinds of birds and 28 types of waterfowl. The tourism facilities including sightseeing buses and boats, and a tourist service center.

The lake provides a fresh and sustainable source of fish for locals. Fish are cooked in different ways and the famous Hundred Fish Feast served with over 100 different fish dishes attracts visitors from far and wide.

Stop 3: Changshou Lake Station

Several manmade islands lie on the calm Changshou Lake, located in the Changshou district of Chongqing. [Photo/]

Stop 3: Changshou Lake Station

Triathletes from across the world finish the swimming section of the 2016 Chongqing Changshou Lake International Triathlon on Sept 24. The race has been held at the lake six times. [Photo/provided to]

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