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Stop 4: Dianjiang Station

Updated: 2016-12-02

By Sun Hui,

Dianjiang County is known as the hometown of the peony in China and is located in northeast of Chongqing Municipality.


Stop 4: Dianjiang Station

Every year in spring and summer, the Letian Flower Valley Scenic Zone attracts couples from across the country to take wedding photos here. At first sight, the scene looks like it could be tranquil Italian countryside thanks to the European-style buildings there. [Photo/]

Stop 4: Dianjiang Station

March is the best season to enjoy the blooming peony flowers in Taiping Peony Garden, Dianjiang County. The colorful month attracts crowds of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the sea of flowers. Dianjiang hosts a Dianjiang Peony Culture Festival every spring to exhibit over 60 types of peony. [Photo/provided to]

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