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Robots provide elder care in Chongqing

Updated: 2017-05-19

By Sun Hui,

Robots provide elder care in Chongqing

The robot, Grapefruit, tests the blood pressure of an elderly patient in the Liangjiang New Area. [Photo by Zhang Yalan/]

Service-oriented robots are soon expected to accompany elderly residents in Chongqing.

Chongqing Youban Home Technology Co Ltd from the Liangjiang New Area has created a tiny robot, named Grapefruit, to provide elder care services.

In addition to basic health monitoring, the 50-centimeter robot can also provide entertainment via a large stock of videos, dramas, poems and encyclopedic knowledge.

With WiFi access, Grapefruit can conduct simple conversations with people and can access online programs for the elderly.

"The robot–Grapefruit–can also test a patient's blood pressure, blood glucose and heart rate, and then update its remote-control system to monitor their health state," said Pan Xiao, general manager of Chongqing Youban Home Technology Co Ltd.

In addition to remote health consultancy and health management services, the company will also provide a series professional caring services through internet of things (IoT) technology, including door-to-door doctors, calling services and visiting nursing.

At the end of May, 100 such robots will put into use to serve elderly citizens in the city.

The robotics project has attracted an informal venture investment of 7 million yuan. The company's market will expand to other regions in the country next year.

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