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Intelligent glass wall blocks heat in Chongqing

Updated: 2017-07-31

By Sun Hui,

A museum featuring a 400-square-meter intelligent heat-blocking glass wall has been a recent shelter for people in the municipality of Chongqing, local media reported on July 25.

Deng Hua, president of Chongqing Hewei Technology Co Ltd, producer of the intelligent glass panels, introduced that the special glass wall can block ultraviolet and infrared radiation to keep indoor temperature cool.

Tests revealed that the glass wall blocks over 98 percent of ultraviolet and over 97 percent of infrared waves, according to the company which located at Liangjiang New Area of the city.

Intelligent glass wall blocks heat in Chongqing

Only 1.6 percent of ultraviolet and 2.4 percent of infrared can pass through the intelligent nanogel film panels. [Photo/]

"The glass panels are hollow with an intelligent nanogel film inside, which allows the glass to change color when indoor temperatures reach 35 C," Deng Hua explained. "At the moment, other films sold on the market are mainly adjusted by electric current, requiring manual work and power consumption."

Deng's intelligent nanogel film can change its state and transparency without any energy consumption, saving about 10 percent in energy costs compared to common films.

Intelligent glass wall blocks heat in Chongqing

The glass wall changes its color as the temperature reaches 35 C in an exhibition museum in Chongqing. [Photo/]

The intelligent film can also be applied to agricultural uses. The Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences did an 18-month long experiment, planting agricultural products in greenhouses constructed with intelligent nanogel film panels. The experiment results showed the plants provide a higher yield from the greenhouses.

Intelligent glass wall blocks heat in Chongqing

The intelligent nanogel film panels can change transparency without any energy consumption, which can save about 10 percent on energy costs. [Photo/Xinhua]

Edited by Zachary Dye


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