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AR technology brings Chongqing history to life

Updated: 2017-10-11

AR technology brings Chongqing history to life

A smart phone reveals AR renderings in Chongqing Zhazi Cave Prison. [Photo/]

"Users can have an exciting experience that breaks through the limits of space and time, revealing ancient scenes in more vivid detail than watching a movie," said a manager of Chongqing Chushi Technology Co Ltd.

The high-tech developer of holographic laser projections recently announced the use of augmented reality (AR) and 3D technologies at Chongqing Zhazi Cave Prison, a famous tourist spot and museum in Chongqing that witnessed the Chinese people devoting their lives to their political belief.

Pointing a smart phone or tablet at exhibits, visitors can now reveal virtual renditions of people, animals and objects, allowing the museum to share the site's history through an interactive and engaging experience.

As AR allows visitors to use their own devices to experience a new world, the technology provides superior mobility compared to wearable virtual reality (VR) devices. The new AR installations have been well received by visitors.

Chongqing Chushi Technology Co Ltd, located in the Liangjiang New Area, is an intelligent company devoted to the development of high quality 3D visual content and internet of things (IoT) software and hardware.

AR technology brings Chongqing history to life

Chongqing Chushi Technology Co Ltd displays holographic laser projections at the 2017 Chongqing International Fair of Innovative Talents. [Photo/]

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