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Construction sites go smart in Liangjiang New Area

Updated: 2018-01-02

A total of 180 smart construction sites have been completed in Liangjiang New Area since Oct 1, according to a statement by Liangjiang New Area's construction bureau on Dec 29.

A smart construction sites refers to a construction site that has been equipped with intelligent visual, auditory, olfactory and logic analysis sensors, as well as other advanced technologies.

In order to improve safety and efficiency, Liangjiang plans to abandon traditional construction methods in all of its housing and municipal infrastructure projects in favor of new smart construction sites in 2018.

Construction sites go smart in Liangjiang New Area

A project leader gets information about a construction project through the mobile phone App. [Photo/]

Smart technologies such as facial recognition, blackbox, and real-name management systems, as well as human microwave induction, have been put to use at the sites.

Li Ming, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development, stated that smart construction sites are currently at a stage of automated information collection, and will later transition to smart management. Smart construction sites are included in the area's three-year plan (2018-20) to improve urban construction quality.

Project leaders will be able to access the project schedule, as well information about equipment and quality management, through a mobile phone App.

Construction sites go smart in Liangjiang New Area

A worker tests an intelligent alarm on the discharging platform, which will give a warning signal when the platform is overloaded. [Photo/]

Additionally, there will be an information management platform for the sites, which will include a database and several management sub-systems, said an official from the bureau.

According to Li Xifeng, vice general manager of Beijing Urban Construction Group's Chongqing Real Estate Company, "The platform allows me to learn about a site's working conditions, air quality and dangers all at the touch of a button."

Construction sites go smart in Liangjiang New Area

A facial recognition machine scans a worker before he enters the construction site at Lijia Children's Hospital in the Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/]


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