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Cloudwalk Technology builds AI big data platform in Liangjiang

Updated: 2018-01-04

Cloudwalk Technology will complete the first phase of its artificial intelligence big data platform in Liangjiang New Area by the end of 2018. When completed, the big data platform will promote the development of artificial intelligence and big data industry in the whole western region.

This AI big data platform was selected as one of the four key national "Internet Plus" projects, with a planned investment of 120 million yuan ($18.47 million). The project has a total of three development phases.

The platform aims to build new large-scale computer clusters to collect formatted data, including audio and video materials, pictures, three-dimensional models, and geographic information, and to build a basic AI resource database suitable for application in all industries.

The platform also supports cloud intelligent analysis and processing, with functions including automatic data label, intelligent classification, facial recognition, character recognition and online voice recognition. It provides basic services to the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

This platform carries out applications of AI in various fields such as public security, finance, manufacturing, public transportation, and public services.

"Taking finance as an example, through a combination of facial recognition technology and big data technology, an analysis of a person's financial habits and preferences can be achieved by analyzing their behavioral pattern and money management style upon identification. And this can all be done the instant their face is recognized, " said a manager at Cloudwalk Technology.

Established in April, 2015, Cloudwalk Technology is a high-tech enterprise which grew out of the Chongqing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science's research into computer vision and artificial intelligence. Relying on the superior resources of the Liangjiang New Area, Cloudwalk Technology has become an industry leader in just a few years due to its state-of-the-art designs and innovative models.

As a national-level development zone, Liangjiang New Area will pursue big data development through continued ingenuity and innovation. It aims to build a new smart city by 2020.


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