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LNA stresses environmental protection

Updated: 2018-01-11

In 2017, Liangjiang New Area invested 8.38 billion yuan ($1.28 billion) in environmental protection, representing an annual increase of 5.88 percent. It invested 6.24 billion yuan in the construction of public infrastructure, which accounted for 75 percent of their total investments.

Liangjiang New Area will also make use of its unique landscape to build various types of recreational areas, such as a mountainous park, a waterfront park, a unique theme park, and some wide open leisure spaces. It plans to become a "City of Parks".

Baiyun Mountain Park is just one example of the many parks being built in Liangjiang New Area. The New Area invested 62 million yuan($9.5 million) in the construction of the park, which has now been completed and will be open to the public soon.

The park covers a total area of 1,192 mu (79.47 hectares). It is a multi-faceted park, combining leisure, sports, science exhibitions, and cultural experiences.

"Sponge city" is another highlight of Liangjiang's efforts. Last year, a total of 280 million yuan was allotted to construct one of the project's 16 pilots, Yuelai New City. The New City covers an area of 18.67 square kilometers and spans three zones, including Wanzhou, Bishan and Xiushan.

Liangjiang has also been very successful in developing ecological communities. For example, it built a complete ecosystem based on the structure "two rivers, four mountains, and multiple corridors". Liangjiang New Area has also built various parks, including Zhaomu Mountain Forest Park and Chongqing Garden Expo Park.

The New Area strives for industrialization and informatization, and seeks to build a modern, high quality, high efficiency, and low emission ecosystem.

LNA stresses environmental protection

Sponge areas built in Yuelai New City, Liangjiang New Area in 2015 have already had positive effects on Chongqing and surrounding areas. [Photo/]



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