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Jewelry business finds success in Chongqing

Updated: 2018-03-28

Zou Mingshan, a post-90s girl from Chongqing, started her own jewelry business in Liangjiang New Area and realized her childhood dream back in April 2017.

Her company, named "ChoW", currently has an average monthly turnover of around 200,000 yuan ($31,600) and turnover can reach 500,000 yuan during peak season.

Jewelry business finds success in Chongqing
ChoW, a company set up by Zou Mingshan. [Photo provided to]

At the beginning of 2015, she quit her job in a financial institution ––against the advice of her parents –– and went to the United States to study jewelry design.

While studying, she devoted herself to her work and was exposed to new ways of thinking about the industry. She eventually earned a jewelry appraiser's certificate, allowing her to work in the jewelry appraisal industry in more than 100 countries.

Jewelry business finds success in Chongqing
Zou Mingshan’s certificate. [Photo provided to]

On her return to China, Zou set up her own studio and hired her own team of designers.

"Building a startup is hard. From the design of the studio, to the recruitment of staff, expansion of the market and developing a branding strategy –– I have quickly grown up, through trial and error," Zou said.

Through careful management and market research, she gradually built up a list of regular clients and business began to pick up.

"There are jewelry stores everywhere in the shopping mall, but custom-made jewelry is still a niche market," Zou said.

But thanks to her careful study of the market she knew the direction to take.

"It's not merely a status symbol or about wealth, it's more about sentimental value, about the story behind it. A piece of jewelry is something to be cherished forever," she said.

Jewelry business finds success in Chongqing
A selection of Zou Mingshan’s designs. [Photo provided to]

"Liangjiang New Area is a suitable area for startups. It has distinct advantages in terms of location, environment and policies. It offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs," Zou added.

Jewelry business finds success in Chongqing
Zou Mingshan at work. [Photo provided to]



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