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DIY bank popular in Chongqing

Updated: 2018-05-16

China's first home-developed DIY bank has officially opened for business in Chongqing, local media reported on May 14.

DIY bank popular in Chongqing

Curious citizens gather before the DIY bank in Chongqing, on April 20. [Photo/]

Developed by the Agricultural Bank of China, the "Do-It-Yourself" bank is a self-service station equipped with cutting-edge smart technologies such as facial recognition, touch control, virtual reality and digital reading.

Customers can choose their ideal investment portfolios from customized recommendations based upon big-data analysis and artificial intelligence. They may even foresee the outcomes of their selections by playing virtual reality games and experiencing tailor-made scenarios.

DIY bank popular in Chongqing
The smart bank combines modern design with financial service. [Photo/]

The bank is also an information hub where citizens have easy access to district maps, discounted products, Chongqing cuisine, tourism resorts and cultural heritages.

DIY bank popular in Chongqing

A tourist searches for her destination via the touch screen outside the DIY bank. [Photo/]


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