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Italian merchandise welcomed in Chongqing

Updated: 2018-06-05

Italian merchandise welcomed in Chongqing

A girl poses with an Italian chef at Chongqing Bonded Trading Center, in Liangjiang New Area, on June 1. [Photo/]

Milan-based Chic Group opened Chic Worldway -- Chongqing's first trading platform for imported commodities -- in Liangjiang Free Trade Port Area, on June 1.

Intended to offer an original taste of European culture, the trading platform showcases more than 100 luxury brands and food manufacturers headquartered in Europe.

"It's a novel shopping experience for us," a local citizen Mr Zhang said, with two heavy shopping bags, one in each hand.

"I guess I won't mind shopping with my wife anymore," he joked.

Chic Worldway is a garden-style shopping center where customers can wander between shelves of delicate European commodities, breathing in a pure air of Italian culture.

"What we brought to Chongqing are not just commodities, but a European style of life," said a project manager of Chic Group.

Accordingly, the trading platform will organize a variety of experiencing activities from time to time. For instance, there will be culture lessons for kids to learn traditional European etiquette and cooking classes for customers to make authentic Italian pizzas.

The grand opening of Chic Worldway added a fresh dynamism to the free trade industry in Liangjiang New Area.

Combining this strong momentum with substantial regional edges, Liangjiang Bonded Trade Port Area will function as a bridgehead for Chongqing to trade with Europe.

Italian merchandise welcomed in Chongqing

Launching ceremony of the Belt and Road Imported Commodities Experiencing and Trading Platform in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area on June 1 [Photo/]

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