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Smart garbage sorting to cover 19 Liangjiang communities

Updated: 2018-09-29

Smart garbage sorting to cover 19 Liangjiang communities

Garbage-sorting dustbins are seen in a community in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/]

A roadshow themed "Sorting garbage for a beautiful Liangjiang" took place on Renhe Road in Liangjiang New Area, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality on Sept 21.

Locals attended to learn about garbage sorting and prepare for the upcoming garbage-sorting system.

The area's management bureau is planning to deploy smart sorting dustbins in 19 communities along Renhe Road and Tiangongdian Road, whose progress in promoting garbage sorting will be thoroughly examined at the end of the year.

The promotion campaigns started on Sept 17 and all new dustbins will be put in place before mid-October. These dustbins will collect daily waste from over 100,000 residents.

In addition to these dustbins, the government will also deploy 52 service stations for the collection of recyclable waste. There are five categories of recyclables--glass, metal, plastic, paper, and harmful substances.

Each family will receive a smart card from the government, free of charge. Residents can use these cards to record their garbage-sorting history and earn corresponding credits, with which they can buy gifts at designated service stations.

By implementing this reward system, the government intends to fully promote garbage sorting to over 280,000 residents on eight roads and increase the overall recycling rate to over 35 percent by the end of 2020.


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