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Yuelai Public Art Exhibition opens in Liangjiang

Updated: 2018-11-22

The Yuelai Public Art Exhibition, themed "Symbols and Realities – Art Lives in Green Mountains and Rivers", kicked off in Yuelai New City, Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area on Nov 18.

A total of ten artists participated in the exhibition, creating crossover public art that took inspiration from local cultural ecology which they explored with their unique perceptual perspectives.

Based on their artistic concepts, keen space environment and rich creative experience, they innovatively integrated local resources to produce public art works in multiple languages.

Yuelai New City has good natural endowment, being surrounded by the Jialing River and shallow hills, reflecting Chongqing's aesthetic characteristics as a "landscape city and beautiful place".

The municipal government has laid out the Chongqing International Expo Center in Yuelai, which has become a new landmark in Chongqing.

Yuelai Public Art Exhibition opens in Liangjiang

A sculpture is on display at the Yuelai Public Art Exhibition in Yuelai New City, Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area on Nov 18. [Photo/]

Liangjiang New Area has positioned Yuelai as a window to face the world, carrying the core functions of international business, conference and exhibition, cultural creativity, ecological living, leisure and entertainment.

Meanwhile, Yuelai is one of the first national green ecological demonstration areas and a pilot area for the national spongy city program. It has the necessary conditions for building a future new city.

Yuelai has a 10.5-kilometer-long riverside art space, with an exhibition park, garden expo park and central park in the surrounding area.

Yuelai plans to develop into the convention and exhibition city, ecological city, sponge city, smart city and literature and art city.

Yuelai Public Art Exhibition opens in Liangjiang

An art work is on display at the Yuelai Public Art Exhibition in Yuelai New City, Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area on Nov 18. [Photo/]

As a gathering place for convention and exhibition activities in Chongqing, Yuelai brings together top personnel from all walks of life and cutting-edge technology. It has become the center of international conferences and exhibitions, and is an interactive distribution base for people and information.

Building some spaces with cultural attributes and artistic imprints has become an important part of the construction of Yuelai New City.

As the core construction area of Liangjiang New Area and a window to outsiders, it is necessary to achieve a consensus in terms of artistic form and language. It should provide international and recognizable works of art, and choose art carriers that engage in dialogues with people from all over the world.

The Liangjiang New Area attaches great importance to the city's cultural context and pays great attention to the improvement of urban areas. It is vigorously implementing the urban quality improvement project in order to protect historical contexts, tap into human resources, increase cultural elements, and improve the city's quality.


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