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Bringing baijiu to young people

Updated: 2019-09-10

Bringing <EM>baijiu</EM> to young people

A variety of Chinese liquor brand Jiangxiaobai's products in Baisha town, Jiangjin district in Southwest China's Chongqing, Sept 6, 2019. [Photo by Zhang Zhi/for]

Baijiu, produced from sorghum, has a long history, with its distilling technique passed down for over 1,000 years. How to attract young people to the drink however is crucial for the industry to grow.

Chongqing Jiangxiaobai Liquor Industry Co Ltd has created Jiangxiaobai, a Chinese baijiu dedicated to not only inheriting the tradition but also encouraging younger generations to understand and love baijiu culture.

Many young people still think that baijiu isn't for them, that no matter the flavor, it's not a drink for the young.

The major consumer groups in the liquor industry today are those aged over 60 and 70. Jiangxiaobai is attempting to inject new life into the Chinese drinks market – the company is committed to the "renaissance" of baijiu.

"We modified the traditional distilling techniques, to make baijiu purer, lighter and smoother, as a way to allow more young people to love it," said Liu Luyan, PR manager with the brand.

Jiangxiaobai's birthplace – Baisha town, in the Jiangjin district of Southwest China's Chongqing – has a 500-year distilling history thanks to its climate and location.

To revive the local liquor industry, Jiangji has acquired the local Lvxi Distillery, a time-honored brand. Some Jiangxiaobai liquor is made using a low-temperature and long-term fermentation method, which is based on the Lyuxi method.

Bringing <EM>baijiu</EM> to young people
A man works in a liquor-distilling workshop in Lvxi distillery. [Photo provided to]

In recent years, Jiangxiaobai has been known for prioritizing the younger market, with the company's brand image continually updated to attract young customers.

The brand has also made continued efforts to make Chinese baijiu culture more accessible and more relevant to today.

Jiangxiaobai recently worked with the international brand Sprite to launch a range of products.

"Mixing Sprite into different wines and liquors is a popular trend among the younger generation now, so I believe this partnership will draw more people's attention to baijiu," Liu said.

Although cross-border marketing is common for Chinese brands, the deal highlights a current trend in the drinks industry: customizing products to acknowledge how target groups are consuming, Beijing Business Today said.

Besides, the baijiu manufacturer has long eyed the overseas market.

Based on research on global whisky and vodka trends, the company incorporated into its products elements recognizing the drinking habits of foreign consumers.

Jiangxiaobai products have since 2017 been exported to South Korea, Germany, France and Australia and another 20 countries, winning international awards, such as the International Wine and Spirit Competition, considered among the most prestigious of its kind.

Bringing <EM>baijiu</EM> to young people

As a promotional campaign, Jiangxiaobai Liquor Industry designed a number of activities for the younger generation, such as international graffiti competition and music festival. [Photo provided to]



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