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Bridges in Chongqing (2)

Updated: 2019-10-09

By Sun Hui,

Chongqing is a typical city with hills and rivers. Yangtze River and Jialing River run around the main city. Chongqing cannot develop without further bridge construction.

Huanghuayuan Bridge

Bridges in Chongqing (2)

The Huanghuayuan Bridge, the first bridge in the main urban area of Chongqing, opened in 1999 after three years of construction work. The bridge connects Jiangbei district, Yuzhong district and Nanan district. The 4,400-meter bridge was paved with bituminous concrete and the pavement was decorated with colorful floor tiles. [Photo/]

Jiayue Bridge

Bridges in Chongqing (2)

The Jiayue Bridge in Chongqing enjoys a total length of 9,000 meters with eight roads running along it. The bridge is the key facility connecting several expressways in Chongqing. It links Yuelai City in Yubei District with Caijiagang in Beibei District. The bridge is a well-designed extradosed bridge with double Y-shaped pylons. [Photo/]

Dongshuimen Bridge

Bridges in Chongqing (2)

The Dongshuimen Bridge crosses the Yangtze River with a cable-stayed main span that is 445-meters long, connecting the Yuzhong and Nanan Districts. There are 10 pairs of cables connecting each tower to the deck. At the time of its opening, the length of the main span put Dongshuimen Bridge among the longest one hundred bridges in the world. The Dongshuimen Bridge and the Qianximen Bridge, known collectively as the Twin River Bridges, are a pair of bridges that form a road and rail connection in Chongqing. [Photo/]

Edited by James Skinner


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