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Chinese city launches single code for taking bus, subway

Updated: 2020-01-02


Chongqing municipality in Southwest China has launched a service that enables customers to use one code for taking both buses and subways in the city, according to local authorities.

Scanning codes for mobile payment on buses or subways has been available in many Chinese cities, however, the different methods of transport often require different codes.

With the new service launched in Chongqing, passengers can apply for a "Chongqing public transport code" on mobile payment apps such as Alipay, and use it on scanners on both buses and subways.

Chongqing Rail Transit, the subway operator in the city, has installed code scanners on nearly 1,000 turnstiles in 163 stations. It is expected that all the turnstiles will be equipped with scanners on the city's subway stations by July next year.

Known for its winding roads, misty skies, mahjong and hot-pot, Chongqing has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Tourists from home and abroad paid more than 550 million visits to Chongqing in 2018.


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