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Yubei district

Updated: 2020-03-02

Yubei district in Chongqing, was previously called Jiangbei county, and borders Jiangbei District in the south and Huaying of Sichuan Province in the north. Yubei means "North Door of the mountain city," and the district acquired this name due to its location. Yubei District has received recognition as a "national civilized city" and "national hygienic city" and it is also known as a landscape garden city and tourism city.

Places of interests

Yubei District has abundant tourism resources, including historic sites, gardens and folk customs. In the east, the famous "Wuling Wonderland", one of the most well-known ten scenic spots in Chongqing, is referred to as a "natural museum," and is popular with visitors. It is also the biggest center of hot springs. Zhangguan Karst Cave is located nearby, and a 2000-meter river connects with Yulin Cave thus forming an underground site stretching with a 5000 meters. There are also primitive forests, historic sites of the White Lotus Society, suspended coffins, and gallery roads nearby. Paihua Cave - which is also called Crystal Dragon Palace - is known for its stalactite grottoes. In the north, sites include the picturesque Liangcha Lake, and Duogong City - in the west - was the scene of a battle during the South Song Dynasty(960-1279). It is also the sister city of Diaoyu City in Hechuan. In addition, visitors can stop by Lushan agricultural demonstration area, Yufeng Forest Park and Farm Fun, and villages in the urban area maintain many folk customs, like traditional weddings and funerals. In the south, Bijin Park, Shuanglong Lake Park, Baosheng Lake, Jiulong Lake and Jingui Vacation village are recommended. Inside the district, there are many important historic sites such as: the Luoze new-stone excavation site, Han Dynasty cemetery on the upper side of Yulin River, Duogong City, Jinyun Hometown and the Zhuangyuan Well of Fengshi, which dates back to the Song Dynasty(960-1279), a tomb of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the residence of General Yu Xuezhong.

Best season for tourism

Tourists can enjoy Yubei district all year round. It has a subtropical humid climate, and enjoys the features of the continental monsoon climate. The average temperature is 17.3 degrees, average rainfall is around 1100 millimeters and the average frost-free period is 319 days.

History and culture

Yubei district was inhabited five or six thousand years ago, and Chongqing started to govern it in January1976. In 1995, it changed its name from Jiangbei county - and became known as Yubei district.


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