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Chongqing port launches intelligent monitoring system

Updated: 2020-10-13

Chongqing port launches intelligent monitoring system

Guoyuan port adopts an intelligent system to manage refrigerated containers. [Photo/]

Guoyuan port in Liangjiang New Area, in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, recently launched a data collection and monitoring system that can undertake real-time monitoring of refrigerated containers at the port.

It is the first time that a port in the Yangtze River's upper reaches has adopted intelligent technology developed in China.

The system can collect and monitor the temperature, humidity, voltage and electrical current of the refrigerated containers, and generate alarms for various operating states at the data information interface.

It can also organize the refrigerated containers' historical data into record files and store them on the server.

The monitoring system reduces the workload for port employees, avoids potential safety issues and automatically records the refrigerated containers' data to realize a paperless office. It can also improve the quality of cold-chain transportation, bring economic and social benefits to the port and help the facility become digital and intelligent.

Guoyuan port has already adopted an intelligent tally system and a paperless platform for container management. The paperless platform replaces paper documents with digital ones, which saves manual work during the management process.

During the 2020 Smart China Expo held last month, Guoyuan port signed an agreement with Qianhai Mercantile Exchange and Ant Group to co-build commodity trading and digital supply chain projects.


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