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Liangjiang New Area recognized for smart city development

Updated: 2020-11-17

Liangjiang New Area recognized for smart city development

Liangjiang wins the title of intelligent district for its online decision-making platform. [Photo/]

Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality was recently given an award by the State Information Center and International Data Group for its decision-making platform for economic operations.

It was given the title of intelligent district in recognition of the excellence of its online decision-making platform.

The evaluation of Asia-Pacific smart cities aims to praise metropolises and companies that have materially contributed to the development of smart cities in the Asia-Pacific area and showcase the best examples of smart cities and smart city service providers.

Liangjiang's platform has three systems for intelligent economy analysis, intelligent industrial analysis and intelligent document processing. These rely on the data gained from statistics, finance, taxation, commerce, planning, energy, sciencr and technology.

The systems can perform comprehensive statistical analysis before decision-making, stimulations during decision-making and track outcomes after decision-making. This helps Liangjiang's economic management to be more scientific, decision-making to be more timely and policies to be more targeted.

Judges of the evaluation agreed that Liangjiang's platform used big data and artificial intelligence efficiently to improve the decision-making process and forecast its macro-economy.

Currently, Liangjiang is accelerating its development as a smart city – in the process exploring the application of advanced technologies to improve and innovate the city's governance.


Liangjiang New Area


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