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Liangjiang students pay tribute to martyrs

Updated: 2021-04-07

A graveyard that was built to memorialize two martyrs – Yang Yuanshan and Tang Xugu – received young visitors on March 31 from Xingchen Middle School, located in Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

The event took place in the run-up to Tomb Sweeping Day on April 4.

The school's Party members, representatives from the Chinese Communist Youth League and the China Young Pioneers, came to the graveyard to celebrate and remember revolutionary history and pass on the stories and spirit of the two martyrs.

Both of the two local martyrs were members of the Liuyi Society – a Party underground peripheral organization – and were committed to the cause of national liberation.

Liangjiang students pay tribute to martyrs

School Party members and student representatives stand in silent tribute, white flowers in their hands. [Photo/]

Liangjiang students pay tribute to martyrs

Student representatives recite a psalm created by themselves, then sing Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China, a household patriotic song in China. [Photo/]

Liangjiang students pay tribute to martyrs

Zhang Yingxue, a student from the middle school and member of the China Young Pioneers, tells moving stories about the two martyrs. [Photo/]


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