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Chongqing's smart communities boost safety, happiness

Updated: 2021-07-22

Chongqing's smart communities boost safety, happiness

An official at a local community in Hechuan district, Southwest China's Chongqing, demonstrates how a smart manhole cover works – its automatic alarm system will be activated if the cover is moved, damaged or stolen. [Photo/Visual Chongqing]

The Chongqing Big Data Application Development Management Bureau recently has selected 53 smart communities – communities equipped with many smart devices that are designed to make life more convenient and safe. Here are some examples of how these intelligent facilities boost people's sense of happiness and safety.

Throwing objects from tall buildings is forbidden in China, but it is still an issue that raises security concerns in many parts of China. But it is no longer an unsolvable problem in Jialinglu community of Yuelai sub-district, Yubei district, where special cameras have been installed around residential buildings, and all residents living in the buildings can be monitored.

"The data captured by these cameras will be sent to the management system. If the things thrown are light, then the motion track on them will be a curve. If it is something heavy, then the curve will become a straight light, and officials will be able to see clearly where the object came from," said Li Hongbin, an official from Yuelai sub-district.

Community workers will then be assigned to investigate the issue, based on data provided by the special cameras, and find the person who threw the object and its weight.

Li said that in the past, there were up to 100 cases per year of people throwing objects from high places. But since the special cameras were installed a year ago, the total number of claims has dropped to less than 10.

In addition, intelligent facilities, including ones allowing residents to have physical examinations at their community medical center and receive their reports just 15 minutes after they finish the test, ones enabling patients to be guided remotely by doctors when taking medicine, and ones that monitor the sanitary conditions of stores, are all made in place in part of Chongqing's communities.

The municipality reportedly aims to construct 120 smart communities in 2021.


UK trade commissioner for China praised Chongqing as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.


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