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Smart city scenarios widely applied in Chongqing

Updated: 2021-08-17

Smart city scenarios widely applied in Chongqing

The city information management system of Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing is accessed at the monitoring and command center of Chongqing Chengtou Road and Bridge Management Co. [Photo/]

Along with the smart city operation and management system linked to Chongqing's 201 administrative systems, 25 comprehensive application scenarios have been implemented in the municipality.

The Chongqing Big Data Application Development Management Bureau has created more than 70 intelligent and innovative application programs related to people's welfare. Here are some examples of how intelligent devices and systems enhance city management.

Intelligent road & bridge system helps with bridge maintenance

Chongqing has put a large amount of manpower and money into building and maintaining its bridges. These works are huge and costly. In order to better understand a bridge's overall condition, cable robots are assigned to work high above the ground, and maintenance personnel are required to walk inside the bridge to inspect if there is any water leakage or rust inside the bridge structure.

Chongqing Chengtou Road and Bridge Management Co has developed the 2.0 version of the intelligent road & bridge system, which is a cloud systematic platform that monitors the overall condition of bridge structures.

One example is Chaotianmen Bridge. There are a total of more than 500 sensors installed on the bridge, and the movement and stress of the bridge are under 24-hour supervision. The system will give off warnings if real-time data collected turns abnormal, while the intelligent road and bridge system, together with the visual monitoring system, function at the same time to ensure the bridge's security.

Chongqing Chengtou Road and Bridge Management Co has integrated the municipality's smart bridge and tunnel management platforms, and the company's monitoring and command center has access to 12 bridges and four tunnel information management systems.

Intelligent sensing, drainage networks assist with water affairs

On July 12, a flood from the Jialing River descended upon Ciqikou Ancient Town, and officials from the drainage command center in Shapingba district were immediately notified of the flood risk and sent rescue teams nearby to combat flood.

The timely response was made possible by the integrated sensor network for water affairs, which was jointly launched by the district's government and top universities in a bid to improve city drainage and better control flooding.

At the beginning of 2020, Chongqing's first intelligent drainage network management system began operating. The system applies 3D visualization, cloud computing, and internet of things technology and functions with the geographic information system so that the specific location, operation, and other properties of the drainage pipe underground can be monitored and managed online.

Intelligent parking management system saves drivers' time

Yubei district in Chongqing has taken the lead in improving parking services for citizens, and has installed 3,899 parking space sensors along the street, along with 137 sets of monitoring devices and 216 sets of parking space guidance displays. Nearly 20,000 parking spaces in the district now are controlled by the intelligent parking management system.

All drivers need to do is download the Yiting application, which will lead them to available spaces.

Statistics show that ever since the system began operating, the parking turnover rate has surged to 6.27 times per day, and the time spent by drivers looking for parking spaces has been shortened by eight minutes.


UK trade commissioner for China praised Chongqing as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.


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