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Liangjiang inks 25 investment projects before Smart China Expo

Updated: 2021-08-19

Liangjiang inks 25 investment projects before Smart China Expo

25 key projects are settled in Liangjiang New Area at a cloud signing ceremony held on Aug 18. [Photo/WeChat account of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area]

A cloud signing ceremony was held in Liangjiang New Area, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, on Aug 18, just ahead of the 2021 Smart China Expo.

A total of 25 projects were established in Liangjiang during the event, involving 46.3 billion yuan ($6.95 billion) in total investment and involving electronic information, AI, industrial internet, new energy, bio-medicine, and high-end services. These projects are expected to drive forward the new area's in-depth development of intelligent innovation and further strengthen and extend Liangjiang's industrial chains.

As a key venue for the upcoming 2021 Smart China Expo, the new area has been prioritizing technological innovation, building its "10+1" industrial functional areas, and deepening the implementation of its chain chief system.

Focusing on the imaging chip package, Chongqing Dayou Microelectronics Co has successfully developed the COP craft. Its 1.2-billion-yuan project in Liangjiang will involve 30 COP package and testing lines, with an annual gross camera chip output capacity exceeding 1 billion. The project is significant in further consolidating Liangjiang's chip industrial chain.

In addition, Honedchip Co's microelectronic chip design program in Liangjiang will establish an integrated circuit design company that designs and sells color temperature tuning LEDs and auto chips.

Furthermore, Suzhou Yeahlight Photoelectric Technology Co, a supplier for leading enterprises such as TPV Technology and BOE Technology Group Co, made a new investment in Liangjiang in a production base for light guide plates.

As a key demonstration area in Chongqing's quest to become a smart and manufacturing city, Liangjiang has also introduced an intelligent parking industrial platform program invested by Baweitong Technology Co, a Hangzhou-based company.

Liangjiang New Area is now planning the layout of its strategic emerging industry, and has redoubled efforts to attract as many leading and unicorn enterprises as possible in order to continuously upgrade its industrial chains.

As a pioneer unicorn firm with the most advanced AI technology, SmartMore Corporation decided to invest 300 million yuan in Liangjiang to establish its operational and design center and create the SMore Vimo industrial internet platform.


UK trade commissioner for China praised Chongqing as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.


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