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Liangjiang releases positive, negative list for government-business relations

Updated: 2021-09-10

In a recently issued Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Government-Business Relations Positive and Negative list, there are 12 behaviors and activities allowed, and 14 behaviors and actions that are inappropriate and forbidden, according to local reports from Chongqing Daily on Sept 10.

The list is designed to further regulate the relationship between government officials and businesspeople.

In the positive list, officials are encouraged to promote the formulation and implementation of policies favorable to enterprises, raise their service quality by deepening the reform of streamlining administrative review procedures and delegating power, and establish a credibility monitoring and governance system to ensure that any discredited or dishonest behavior among government officials is traceable.

In addition, the government is urged to solve real problems met by local enterprises, strengthen its ability to coordinate work, broaden channels for government-enterprise conversation, and establish a platform to boost government-enterprise interactions.

Meanwhile, officials are not allowed to abuse government-business relations in personal affair handling, issue loans to enterprises illegally, be appointed as high-ranking staff in certain firms and offer services as consultants or agents. Relatives, family members, or persons having a close relationship with government officials are also forbidden from being given senior posts at relevant firms.

Receiving gifts, money, or other kinds of property, or accepting feasts or holiday invitations from businesspeople is also illegal.

In addition, officials cannot intervene with economic activities that impair enterprises' legal rights, or grant illegal interests to businesspeople.


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