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Industrial chains report double-digit growth in 9 months

Updated: 2022-05-25

At a chain chief system work promotion meeting on May 21 in the Liangjiang New Area of Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, the new area's 11 industrial chain chiefs reported achievements in their respective fields nine months after the chain chief system was first implemented. During this period, the majority of industrial chains reported double-digit growth.

The government ordered all industrial chain chiefs to participate in the business promotion process, which includes discussions about, the signing of agreements on, and the launch and operation of a project.

Li Jie, deputy director of the new area's administrative committee and chief of the automobile industrial chain, led her team on a visit to all automakers and major auto spare parts suppliers in Liangjiang, and has worked out a practical plan for the industry's transformation into new energy areas.

Thanks to these efforts, Liangjiang was able to produce 28,000 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in the first quarter of this year. Meanwhile, key projects invested in by Ganfeng Lithium Co, Asia Europe New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing (Chongqing) Co and Li Auto Inc have been introduced to the new area.

Pi Tao, Liangjiang's life and health industrial chain chief, is planning on building three industrial clusters for medical equipment, biological products and chemical preparations, and three emerging sectors – new traditional Chinese medicine, new medical services and new healthcare – in an effort to achieve a 50-billion-yuan ($7.46 billion) business scale by 2025.

Liangjiang boasts three open platforms – Guoyuan port, the Lianglu Cuntan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and Cuntan International New City. According to Qin Shubin, the global trade logistics industrial chain chief, Guoyuan port will focus on developing modern logistics, general trade and emerging foreign trade, the Lianglu Cuntan Comprehensive Bonded Zone will focus on processing trade and modern trade, and Cuntan International New City will bring in international service institutions and strengthen headquarters trade.


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