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Friend accused of theft via app2016-02-23

FrA man was detained after being accused of stealing 15,000 yuan from a friend by taking his mobile phone's SIM card.

Chongqing takes baby steps toward assisted reproduction2016-02-23

Southwest China's Chongqing municipality is planning to allow more assisted reproductive agencies to meet anticipated rise in demand for their services, as China has eased its family planning policy.

Cheap gift irks girlfriend2016-02-23

A woman whose boyfriend sent his former girlfriend a larger New Year's gift than the one he sent her threatened to leave him over the hongbao (red envelope) blunder.

Daughter must support father2016-02-22

A court has ordered a woman to financially support her father, even though he left her after divorcing her mother.

The best gift a child can receive2016-02-22

Tao Xingyue, 12, and Tao Junshen, 10, used to dread the end of the Chinese New Year holiday when their parents returned to their jobs in distant cities, leaving the youngsters at home.

Attendants work in a standby bullet train2016-02-19

The photo shows crew members works at a train in Chongqing on Feb 17.

Chongqing establishes national web surveillance system2016-02-19

Chonginqing has established a national web surveillance system that recently began trial operation, Chongqing Daily reported.

Dead rat spoils wedding banquet2016-02-19

A Valentine's Day wedding banquet had a nasty surprise for the guests in Chongqing

Phone gives way 'wife's secret fling'2016-02-19

The positioning function on a mobile phone led a husband to suspect his wife was cheating on him with his best friend.

Tired woman ties up head to sleep on subway2016-02-19

A woman was so tired that she dozed on a subway while letting her head hang in a scarf tied to a handrail, a local newspaper in Southwest China's Chongqing reported.


UK trade commissioner for China praised Chongqing as a burgeoning center in intelligent manufacturing.


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