W China's biggest medical device exhibition opens

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A doctor wearing the 3D glasses being displayed at the China (Chongqing) Medical Device Exhibition 2023 can operate a surgical robot remotely. [Photo/liangjiang.gov.cn]

The China (Chongqing) Medical Device Exhibition 2023 was unveiled in Liangjiang New Area, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, on Nov 8, and will last for three days. It is the largest event of its kind in western China.

Renowned biomedicine enterprises and brands are showcasing their latest medical equipment, drugs and consumable materials, which can be applied in all sectors of healthcare.

A pair of 3D glasses was demonstrated at the display area. A doctor wearing the glasses can operate a surgical robot remotely, carrying out common surgical procedures in minimally invasive surgery, such as cutting, separating, hemostasis, and suturing.

The surgical robot is flexible, precise, and easy to operate, applicable to urology, general surgery, gynecology, thoracic surgery and other departments.


A visitor experiences the fundus camera at the exhibition. He receives his eye health report just a short while after the camera took a picture of his eyes. [Photo/liangjiang.gov.cn]

The fundus camera exhibited can analyze the health status of people's eyes, making it easy to measure retinal vascular indicators for early screening of ocular diseases. The device is already being used in community health check-ups for elderly people and for screening diabetic retinopathy in communities.

Top medical experts, scholars and medics also gathered in the event, sharing their latest research and experiences. A series of forums and seminars will also be organized at the exhibition. 

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