Liangjiang empowers real economy with digitalization|Updated: 2023-11-14


A panoramic view of Liangjiang New Area, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality. [Photo/]

Situated in the East of the Jialing River and North of the Yangtze River, Liangjiang New Area is China's third new area for opening up and development.

The smart workshop of Changan Auto is based in the new area, with various mechanical arms operated in full swing. Compared to traditional factories, the workshop is quiet and clean.


Changan's smart workshop in Liangjiang. [Photo/]

Over the past three years, Changan has applied for 18 patents daily and has researched 40 new products. Its digitalized production process successfully shortens the product manufacturing period by 30 percent, raising the production efficiency by 20 percent.

The massive transformation within Changan crystalizes Liangjiang's efforts to fuse the digital economy with the real economy. So far, the new area has built 22 such smart workshops and 107 digitalized plants.

Targeting its goal to become a nationwide sci-tech innovation center, Liangjiang has assembled more than 50 new-type research institutions, 25 academicians' teams and cultivated over 3,000 outstanding personnel for innovation and entrepreneurship, according to Xu Hongqiu, deputy director of the new area's administrative committee.

Covering less than 1.5 percent of Chongqing's total area, Liangjiang New Area has contributed about 15 percent of the municipality's economy, 20 percent of its industrial output above designated size, 40 percent of its service trade volume, 60 percent of its automobile output, and 70 percent of its cross-border e-commerce transactions.

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