'Thank you, Chongqing!': An Unforgettable Journey of Cooperation and Creation

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2023-11-22

Coming from Indonesia, Zaidaan Wahyudi reflected on his unforgettable experience at the Belt and Road event in 2018. Immersed in a diverse learning environment, he delved into the realm of robotics, while his peers explored bridge construction and 3D modeling. The encounter with individuals from different nations cultivated friendships, illustrating the power of international collaboration.

Zaidaan also noted the multifaceted cooperation between China and Indonesia, exemplified by the exchange of techniques like batik dyeing. The impact is tangible and profound, with Chinese technology, like the high-speed rail from Bandung to Jakarta, significantly reducing travel time and bringing convenience to local life.

This time, he came to Chongqing to participate in the 7th Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp & Teacher Workshop. He expressed. " Chongqing is a magnificent and technologically advanced city." Enchanted by the beautiful surroundings and captivating cityscape, Zaidaan found himself immersed in the marvels of this magnificent metropolis. The nightly spectacle of dazzling lights added another layer of fascination, painting a vivid picture of Chongqing's allure.

The camp proved to be more than a mere gathering; it was a catalyst for global connections and personal growth. Zaidaan expressed his joy in meeting friends from various countries and regions, acknowledging the event's role in broadening horizons and providing invaluable learning experiences. "The Belt and Road event was a valuable opportunity for students and teachers from Indonesia."

In the end, Zaidaan unveiled his creative work, which was also his last creation during the camp, titled "Thank you! Chongqing!". It's a fusion of digital technology and handicraft, expressing his gratitude for the unforgettable camp experience that goes beyond borders.

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