Changan targets 2.8m vehicle sales in global pursuit|Updated: 2024-01-30

Changan Automobile hosted its Global Partnership Conference in Liangjiang New Area on Jan 16. The ambitious Chinese auto giant aims to achieve a sales target of 2.8 million vehicles and introduce eight new energy vehicle models, accelerating its path towards becoming a top global automotive company.

During the conference, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, highlighted the progress the company made in 2023, including the execution of the "Shangri-La", "Buhe", and "The Vast Ocean" plans. The new energy sector saw a 69.2-percent year-on-year growth, and saw the overseas sales of 358,000 vehicles, indicating a 43.9-percent increase.

Changan previously disclosed their ambitions to enter the European market and establish a headquarters there. At this conference, Zhu emphasized the strategic importance of the European market in the company's "1+5+2" global layout. "With an expected 30-percent new energy penetration rate in Europe over the next five years, Changan sees this as a significant opportunity for Chinese new energy vehicles to thrive abroad," said Zhu. 

Wang Jun, President of Changan Automobile, outlined specific strategies for market entry, including the introduction of over seven new energy products in Southeast Asia, such as Avatr11, Lumin, and CD701, and the establishment of over 530 networks. Furthermore, the company aims to introduce over five new energy products to Europe, such as Avatr11, Deepal S7, and C327. It will further accelerate entry into untapped markets like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Israel, with an estimated export volume that exceeds 500,000 vehicles.


Changan's first overseas base settles in Thailand. [Photo/Changan Automobile]

In the realm of intelligence, Changan is set to deepen collaborations with global leaders such as Horizon Robotics and Huawei. Notably, its partnership with Huawei, which was initiated in November of the previous year, involves the formation of a joint venture named Newcool. This project focuses on seven key areas, including intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, digital automotive platforms, intelligent automotive clouds, AR-HUD, and intelligent car lights.
This joint venture is poised to be a public platform that serves the entire industry. This joint venture is of great significance because hopefully the project will transform into a technology supplier.


Changan aims to introduce eight new energy vehicle models globally. [Photo/Changan Automobile]

Changan also unveiled its product matrix, detailing launch and delivery plans for various new models throughout the year. This shows the company's commitment to rapid advancements in intelligent electric vehicles. The first quarter will witness the global delivery of the Changan Hunter, the world's first extended-range pickup, followed by the official launch of the Deepal SUV G318 in the second quarter. Further additions to the company's product lineup will be released in subsequent quarters. 

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