Yubei District

Yubei district was a part of Jiangzhou county in Bajun county, from the Shang Dynasty (1600-1100 BC) to the Three Kingdoms (AD220-280).

The county of Jiangbei was established in 1914 and was named the Yubei district of Chongqing city in December 1994.

Yubei is located near the Yangtze River and Jialing River and is a key part of Chongqing's urban area and also of Liangjiang New Area.

Yubei has 11 towns and 19 streets in an area of 170 square kilometers – with a permanent residential population of 1.63 million.

It was included in the country's list of Top 10 Industrial Districts and Counties for six successive years -- and its total investment in fixed assets has ranked it first in Chongqing for a dozen years.

Yubei also focuses on the wellbeing of its residents amid its development. It was named a National Civilized City in Western China and has won over 30 national honors.

Yubei aims to assist Chongqing's opening-up process and fulfill the general objective of building a prosperous society.

The district's modernization and internalization have been accelerated and it has built an image of being a demonstration area of Chongqing.


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