New area boasts 82 days of good air in Q1| Updated: 2024-04-08


Zhaomu Mountain in Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/WeChat account of Liangjiang New Area]

In the first quarter, Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality achieved 82 days of good air quality, with an average PM2.5 concentration of 44 micrograms per cubic meter, ranking first in Chongqing's main urban area. The area also attained a 100-percent rate for excellent water quality, the safe utilization of construction land, and nighttime sound environment standards.

In terms of water management, Liangjiang has strengthened its ecological damage compensation guarantee mechanism. It has efficiently integrated smart perception, collaborative governance, management evaluation, and dynamic supervision, initiating a new intelligent management model for river discharge outlets.

The new area is promoting the performance rating and control of industrial pollutant emissions, which will drive industrial enterprises to reduce emissions and improve efficiency through incentive and penalty mechanisms.

To address the issue of restaurant fume emissions, the new area has established a demonstration zone for the rectification of restaurant fume emissions, and launched an integrated smart supervision system to monitor such emissions. This system incorporates online monitoring, maintenance reminders, and warning alerts, enabling the real-time monitoring of fume purification facilities.

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