Action plan invigorates cultural sector| Updated: 2024-04-18

Jinshan E-cool Cultural and Creative Industrial Park.jpg

Jinshan E-cool Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/WeChat account of Liangjiang New Area]

The action plan to boost the cultural industry, issued by Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality on April 17, stipulates that by 2027, the new area will cultivate more than 200 cultural enterprises above a designated size, with the total revenue of the industry to exceed 60 billion yuan ($8.46 billion).

The document focuses on six major campaigns to optimize local business layouts, upgrade industrial systems, improve the capacity of industrial parks, foster high-quality market entities, develop corresponding industrial ecosystems, and build up the influence of Liangjiang's cultural industry.

The new area will build Cuntan International New City into a regional fashion consumption area, and Longsheng New City into a culture-sports-tourism integrated pilot zone. It will also create five culture-sports-tourism integrated travel routes.

In addition, Liangjiang will accelerate the development of its industrial design, art design, intelligent planning, and other creative design sectors. It will also rely on the national digital publishing base to vigorously develop its digital publishing industry, and leverage the advantages of Chongqing as an inland platform for opening-up in order to introduce large-scale cultural and entertainment performances, high-end sports events, and immersive entertainment formats.

The plan also includes improving the new area's cultural industry investment and financing service system, establishing funds for the cultural industry, facilitating trading channels, and strengthening services for cultural enterprises.

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