1st cultural art bonded warehouse in SW China to start trial run this year

english.liangjiang.gov.cn| Updated: 2024-06-17

The Chongqing International Cultural Artifacts Bonded Warehouse, the first of its kind in Southwest China, passed inspection and is scheduled to start trial operations by the end of 2024.


The warehouse will start trial operations by the end of 2024. [Photo provided by Yuelai Investment Group]

The warehouse, located in Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City, covers a total area of about 2,100 square meters and meets the domestic vault standard, featuring cutting-edge security facilities. It will provide bonded warehousing, customs clearance and logistics, exhibitions, art financing, and other services.

An art bonded warehouse is a bonded area where international cultural relics, artworks, and high-value-added goods can be stored without the need to pay import duties and value-added tax.

Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City, located in Liangjiang New Area, is a core part of Chongqing's efforts to build a globally-influential convention and exhibition hub. Its major business areas include bonded art, art exhibitions, cultural and artistic exchanges, project development, management services, investment in the cultural tourism sector, and other services.


The art museum in Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City hosts exhibitions of artists from around the globe. [Photo/Lan Tian]

At present, the new area is building an ecosphere for the exhibition, design, and art industries, with Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City serving as a core part of these efforts.

This February, Liangjiang New Area and Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, signed an MOU to conduct cooperation and exchange in the cultural and creative industry.

The new area is looking to cooperate with European cities on exhibitions, cultural and creative tourism, modern city construction, and the integration of industrial design and culture. The two sides should seek to build a more active, open art market through VR and on-site cultural art exhibitions, embedded artists projects, and other cooperation projects, according to Li Guoqiang, deputy director of the Modern Service Industry Bureau of the new area.

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