Customs measures ensure zero delays during shopping spree| Updated: 2024-06-20


Customs staff members are hard at work in the Lianglu Guoyuan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone (CBZ). [Photo/]

In June, the cross-border e-commerce stocking warehouses in the Lianglu Guoyuan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone (CBZ) of Liangjiang New Area have been bustling with activity. According to statistics, during this year's "618" Shopping Festival, 1.1 million parcels will be shipped out from the CBZ, with a total value exceeding 220 million yuan ($31.02 million).

"We have strengthened cooperation with enterprises, learned in advance the promotional plans and shipping arrangements, detailed specific business support measures, and scientifically formulated diversion and pressure-relief measures and emergency response plans," said Xia Yan, head of the cross-border e-commerce supervision section at Lianglu Cuntan customs.

"In the past, paying taxes at traditional counters required receiving and submitting paper tax forms on-site, which took an average of two to three days. Now, we can log into the single window system to confirm tax information, pay taxes, confirm payments, and verify tax forms, all in just a few minutes," said Wang Bo, head of customs affairs at Chongqing Dingxin Supply Chain Management Co.

Many companies hope to ship domestic promotional gifts together with cross-border e-commerce retail imports in the same package. To adapt to changes in the consumer market, Lianglu Cuntan customs has established a classification management system for cross-border e-commerce goods and domestic promotional gifts, allowing for the same warehouse storage and same-package shipping of import goods and gifts.

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