Chongqing boosts construction of comprehensive logistics hub| Updated: 2024-06-21

As a pivotal platform for promoting openness, Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, a new focus zone for global industry transmission and transportation hub for Eurasia international logistics, is striving to bolster Chongqing's status as a comprehensive logistics hub with both land and sea access.


The Guoyuan Port container terminal is located in Liangjiang New Area. [Photo/]

At Guoyuan Port, the freight trains dedicated to the New Western Land-Sea Corridor have begun regular operations. They transport automotive parts, machinery and other products made in Chongqing to Qinzhou Port on a daily basis before shipping them to other countries around the world.

From January to May, nearly 400 trains were operated, marking a 70-percent increase year-on-year, with a cargo value of 38.2 billion yuan ($5.3 billion), up by 132 percent.

Zheng Yijun, a manager at Zhaotai Trading (Chongqing) Co, which primarily exports motorcycle parts to the Vietnamese market, said that previously, the journey from Chongqing to Vietnam took about 15 days, whereas now it only takes eight days. The company's trade volume exceeded 70 million yuan in the first five months of this year, Zheng said.

With the growing economic ties between China and ASEAN countries, new routes are emerging rapidly. Currently, the New Western Land-Sea Corridor connects to 514 ports in 123 countries and regions, continuously enhancing its pivotal role.

"The well-established multimodal transport system and comprehensive infrastructure at Guoyuan Port help enhance the efficiency and reach of the New Western Land-Seal Corridor, linking the western regions of China with Southeast Asia and European markets and paving the way for a new era of high-quality development," said Liu Wei, director of Logistics and Operations Center of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor.

In addition, the "Shanghai-Chongqing Direct Express", initiated by the Chongqing Port and Logistics Office, began operations in January 2020 and has markedly reduced transport times.

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