Liangjiang promotes practical results in Chengdu-Chongqing coordination| Updated: 2024-06-27


The construction site of the Mingyue Lake Incubator project in Liangjiang. [Photo/]

Construction is currently being expedited on a group of 2024 Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle projects in Liangjiang New Area.

At the construction site of the Mingyue Lake Incubator project, for example, workers are currently decorating the façades of office buildings. The incubator will also feature high-quality business districts, eco-friendly office spaces and lakeside talent apartments.

At Shuiyu New City, Corning's third-phase cover glass furnace production line has entered the final equipment installation and adjustment stage.

Liangjiang will work closely with Tianfu New Area and other parts of Sichuan province, and accelerate the integration of talent, industries, capital and innovation to cultivate new quality productive forces.

It will also give full play to the eight major industrial alliances, coordinate with Chengdu Science City and other major innovation platforms, guide more technology transfers in the new area, further optimize the foreign trade structure, get involved in more strategic industries from East China, and form an industrial coordination layout with a refined work division. 

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