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Singapore university launches research institute in Chongqing


National University of Singapore (NUS) launched its Chongqing research institute in Liangjiang New Area last year, providing intelligent resources to Chongqing.

According to the 2019 QS World University Ranking, NUS ranked first in Asia and 11th globally. NUS (Chongqing) Research Institute is the second facility built by NUS in China, with the first being located in Suzhou, in East China's Jiangsu province.

The research institute will build four R&D platforms focused on advanced materials and manufacturing, information engineering and artificial intelligence, modern logistics, as well as finance and risk management.

In the field of advanced materials and manufacturing, the institute's research teams and industrialization departments will cooperate with enterprises to carry out research, application and promotion of functional nanomaterial.

According to the demands of Liangjiang, the research institute will explore information engineering and artificial intelligence fields such as network information services, chip design, information security and cognitive computing.

Relying on research on international standardization of logistics systems, logistics informatization and green logistics systems, the research institute will provide guidance and theoretical support on improving logistics efficiency, reducing logistics costs, promoting real-time monitoring of modern logistics, full process tracking and quality control.

With knowledge and research achievements in finance, the institute will focus on loan risk management for small and medium-sized companies, credit risk management and comprehensive financial risk management systems to build Chongqing into a nationally important functional core area.

Meanwhile, the research institute will introduce BLOCK71, a business incubator project initiated by NUS, to build an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in Chongqing, which will support overseas high-tech innovative companies.

The research institute will also set an international exchange, cooperation and high-end talent training center to cultivate personnel while holding international academic exchange conferences and forums.


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