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Yang Lijie2018-04-23

Yang Lijie, Han, was born in Jidong county, Heilongjiang province in July 1966.

Li Guangrong2018-04-23

Li Guangrong, male, Han, was born in June 1965, in Dianjiang, Chongqing Municipality.

Zhang Guozhi2018-04-23

Zhang Guozhi, Han, was born in Pengxi county, Sichuan province in June, 1973.

Zhang Youling2018-04-22

Zhang Youling, Han, was born in May 1959 in Yongchuan district, Chongqing Municipality.

Liu Shumo2018-04-22

Liu Shumo, male, Han, was born in March 1962 in Banan, Chongqing.

Cheng Wendi2018-04-22

Cheng Wendi, Han, was born in Jingyan county, Sichuan province in February 1973.

Qin Shubin2018-04-22

Qin Shubin, Han, was born in Tongliang district of Chongqing municipality in February 1967.

Yang Jincai2018-04-22

Yang Jincai, male, Han, was born in Pingshang county, Hebei province in December 1963.

Zhou Jianming2018-04-22

Zhou Jianming, male, Han, was born in Sept 1959 in Yubei, Chongqing Municipality.

Duan Chenggang

Duan Chenggang, male, Han ethnic group, was born in June 1963 in Jiangbei district, Chongqing.

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